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Appropriate equipment is required for postural diagnosis and for monitoring the efficacy of a postural treatment. Our partners POSTUROKIT offer kits adapted to your practice :

Kit - Barré vertical axis

The Barré Vertical axis examination is based on a diagnosis of postural imbalance. It is used not only for the determination of the patient’s posture classification but also for diagnostic orientation toward the sensors involved in postural imbalance. This kit comprises a PostuPlate centring platform, a PostuLaser tripodal telescopic laser and a plumb line.

Kit – PostuMousse

The foam test orients the postural diagnosis towards the mandibular and/or visual sensors by shunting the podal afferences.
 This kit comprises a platform covered with PostuMousse foam and a batch of 2 spare foam cushions.


Kit - Maddox Test

The Maddox test orients the diagnosis towards an asynchronism in the visual sensor.

It is also used to measure the effects of postural treatment on the visual sensor.
 This kit comprises a “Maddox rod” and a “LightPoint” light point to be positioned on the wall at a distance of between 2 and 5 metres.


Kit - Complete Postural Diagnostic

The Complete Postural Diagnostic kit included the 3 kits mentioned above for conducting 3 essential postural diagnosis tests.